ChicExecs Co-Founders Featured in Shoutout SoCal

ChicExecs is excited to share that our dynamic founders, Kailynn Bowling and Nikki Carlson, were featured in Shoutout SoCal!

The co-founders discussed their reasons for success, highlighting how they developed their own brand first and then ventured into starting the retail-focused PR and marketing agency.

“The most important success factor behind our business is how we developed our own brand from our living room and turned it into a multi-million dollar brand and household name. Other brands were coming to us asking, “How’d you get into retail stores, how’d you get into all of these magazines?” So, we started ChicExecs to help these companies. We took that recipe for success and used it as an outline and platform for our agency ChicExecs which manages 200+ brand strategies on a day-to-day basis. Helping other brands grow is our passion and purpose.”

The agency stands out in that Kailynn and Nikki have developed products of their own and through their collective out-of-the-box thinking, that knowledge is carried over to the strategies developed for the agency’s clients. They say the agency was built on the backbone that its employees are entrepreneurs.

“Unlike entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs are employed at a business, but they bring many entrepreneurial qualities to their work. We encourage new ideas and we develop them to be their own thinkers by giving them a growing space of creativity within the ChicExecs doors. It’s a think tank business with the employees at the helm. We are building the next generation of thinkers – how can we do something better, unique and forecasting change in marketing.”

Kailynn and Nikki not only shared their story on the agency’s success but also recommended a few San Diego places to check out for those visiting. Top on their list of things to do is anything outdoors and with animals, such as the San Diego Safari Park. We couldn’t agree more!

Thank you Shoutout SoCal for such a fabulous feature and for continuing to highlight SoCal’s small businesses, artists, and creatives!


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