Chic Buds, KindNotes, PoniLox, Wraps, and Posy Box featured on New You


Congratulations to our Clients Chic Buds, KindNotes, PoniLox, Wraps and Posy Box featured on New You!

chicbudstasselpowerNever be without your phone cable again! Simply attach this adorable tassel charm, by Chic Buds, to your favorite bag or key ring and you will always have your phone cable close by for those all-too-often charging emergencies.

“This is perfect for your always-on-the-go bridesmaids who turn to you constantly asking to borrow your phone charger. This innovative, convenient, and fashionable creation acts as a both an accessory for your phone and a charging source as well!” Check them out at chicbuds.com!


KindNotes makes it easy to send a smile to anyone each day. Surprise them with a fully-assembled keepsake jar of messages enclosed in linen envelopes to be opened each day, or anytime they need a smile.

“Kind Notes give you the perfect opportunity to tell your BFFs just how much they mean to you in 31 unique ways.”

Check them out at kindnotes.com!


PoniLox is a new easy-to-use hair accessory that can secure any look in place without creasing, so you can achieve a gorgeous ˜do every day! Loose buns, sleek chignons and classic twists ¦ the options are endless and effortless!

“Ponilox creates fabulous hairstyles in just a few seconds! Have all your bridesmaids looking picture-perfect with this fun and practical gift that will serve for both the ceremony and beyond!” Check them out at ponilox.com!



Wraps Headphones offer a new take on in-ear audio “ creating a fashion statement and outstanding practicality to the way you listen to your music.
A wide variation of colors and materials offer a create fit to your style and make you stand out

“Wraps makes it super easy to take your headphones with you everywhere you go. Its comfortable, fashion forward, and practical for your busy bridesmaids.”

Check them out at mywraps.com!


Posy box is an online service that allows you to personalize your flowers by arranging your own bouquets. Choose your rose color, bouquet size, wrap and box design.

“What better way to show your appreciation than beautiful arrangements of flowers?” Check them out at posybox.com!

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