Blisslights Spright

The BlissLights Spright is a truly unique light fixture that transforms your yard into an Oasis of Light. Simply aim your fixture, and watch it bring glowing fireflies to life. Each unit provides over 600 square feet of coverage which replaces 4 standard landscape lighting fixtures or hundreds of feet of rope lighting. With an average electrical usage of just 3 watts in temperatures above 55F, and 8 watts in
temperatures below 55F, the BlissLights Spright Lite is more energy efficient than common LED lighting.
Use with the included timer to automatically turn it on and off. You can use the Blisslights Spright to highlight special landscape features and project onto water features to bring them to life.
Set up holiday lights in less than 5 minutes, without a ladder.
Project thousands of stars onto the ceilings of bedrooms, diningrooms, and home theaters.
Blisslights Spright is available in green and blue.

website: www.blisslights.com

price: $229.00

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