Biscotti and Kate Mack featured on The Art of Making a Baby

biscottiCongratulations to our Client Biscotti and Kate Mack for their feature on The Art of Making a Baby.

Biscotti & Kate Mack is dedicated to designing beautiful and unique clothes for the youngest fashion conscious customers in the family; newborn girls to teens. Their creations combine classic elegance with a modern flair, using only top quality fabrics.

Whether the occasion calls for a formal or more casual look, the combination of beautiful fabrics with eye-catching details fills the need for what girls (and Moms) want an outfit to be: hip, but also simple, pretty and modest.

Many Biscotti and Kate Mack styles have been featured in leading publications such as Women’s Wear Daily, Vogue Bambini, The Wall Street Journal, Child Magazine, Us Weekly, and Teen Vogue. Young actresses have worn their looks for their Hollywood red carpet events and their brand is a favorite among celebrities including Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum. A Biscotti dress graced television sets all over the world when Malia Obama chose to wear their red taffeta dress on her father’s election night.

Check them out at biscottiandkatemack.com!


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