Biscotti and Kate Mack featured on That Chic Mom

tcmCongratulations to our Client Biscotti and Kate Mack for their feature on That Chic Mom!

The Biscotti Gatsby Girl Dress pays tribute to the flapper styles of days gone by – but there’s nothing old-fashioned about it! With rich velvet bodice, fringed netting skirt and sequin embellishments galore, be prepared for non-stop compliments!

Biscotti and Kate Mack’s whimsical and romantic apparel collections have captured the hearts of customers since 1986.

Whether the occasion calls for  a formal or more casual look, the combination of beautiful fabrics with eye-catching details fills the need for what girls (and Moms) want an outfit to be: hip, but also simple, pretty and modest. Check them out at biscottiandkatemack.com!


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