Beacon Audio featured in Gladys Magazine

gladysfeatureCongratulations to our Client Beacon Audio for their feature in Gladys Magazine!

Beacon was created to provide affordable, premium products for die-hard music fans. No longer do music lovers need to sacrifice quality for value. 

The Blazar is a portable Bluetooth speaker that connects to your phone or music player, allowing you to play music wirelessly. Whether you are by the pool enjoying the sunset, in the kitchen listening to a podcast, watching a movie on your iPad, or using it as a speaker phone in your office, the Blazar is the perfect music companion.

The talented team behind Blazar uses Bluetooth technology to take mobile music to unbelievable heights. Believing music shouldn’t just be heard, it should be experienced no matter where you find yourself, the small portable wireless speaker offers mind-blowing quality sound and 12 hour battery life. 

Check them out at beaconaudio.com! 


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