Baby Banz featured in SI Paren’t Magazine

siparentbabybanzCongratulations to our Client Baby Banz for their feature in SI Paren’t Magazine!

Baby Banz specializes in skin protecting sunglasses, swimwear, hats, and more that were originally designed for the tough UV environment of Australia. At Baby Banz, they know it’s important to start protecting the skin at as early an age as possible, and that promoting healthy habits young can set tots and toddlers on the path to a healthy future. Their products have been clinically tested for maximum protection and have a flair that makes them fun to wear!

Whether traveling to sunny climates or enjoying a rogue hot day be prepared with the wide range of hats, board shorts, swimsuits and tops from Baby Banz. They offer optimum coverage with a UV rating of 50+ without adding bulk or getting in the way of their playtime. Best of all, after vacation Baby Banz’ gear is perfect for everyday wear because even when the sun is hidden, UV rays are still present.

Keep kids’ delicate skin safe from the sun. Check them out at banzworld.com!

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