Armed With Truth featured on The Source 93.7

chosenCongratulations to our Client Armed With Truth for their feature on The Source 93.7!

If you don’t have a lot of time, spending 25-30 minutes to memorize scripture isn’t something easily achieved. Armed With Truth created a way for people to take all their wasted micro moments in life (standing in line, at a stop light, in a drive through, in an elevator, riding a bike and even taking a shower) and make them opportunities to memorize scripture.

Armed With Truth was born to give you an ultra convenient (yet dashingly fashionable) way to memorize scripture for a few seconds a day –everyday. The temporary tattoos are made for your inner wrists and will last for up to 7 days and are ready at all times for you to be encouraged and empowered. Each pack contains 10 verses centered around a transformational theme — from knowing your Identity in Christ to becoming a Change Maker. Over 100 of the best verses to memorize to transform your mind and equip you with the Word of God.

Listen in to the radio feature and check them out at armedwithtruth.com!


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