AmeriBag featured in Southern Bride


Congratulations to our Client AmeriBag for their feature in Southern Bride!

Whether you have gifts, honeymoon wear, or just your typical daily items, adding extra items to your bag can weigh you down and cause back strain, which is never a good thing! The Healthy Back Bag from AmeriBag makes it easier to carry all your essentials and maintain a healthy, pain-free back.

The Healthy Back Bag was designed with the human body in mind. It features a patented, ergonomic design, which feels lighter and more comfortable. By contouring to the natural shape of the body, the Healthy Back Bag® tote hangs asymmetrically, redistributing the weight throughout the length of the bag, not just from one point on the shoulder, thus reducing apparent stress on the shoulders, neck and back. Check them out at ameribag.com!

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