All The Above Clothing featured on JustLuxe

ataclothingfeatureCongratulations to our Client All The Above Clothing for their feature on JustLuxe!

All The Above Clothing Company has a lot to be inspired about these days. The company not only gives back with every garment, but each piece comes with an inspirational quote, lyric or phrase that inspired the designer to create the look. All of the inspirations are gathered from Facebook fans and other followers, who receive credit for their input on the inside print of each item.

The company’s mission is to bring current trends to their customers’ eyes while building awareness for programs and nonprofits in need. ATA Clothing offers everyone the opportunity to wear the looks they love while supporting the causes near and dear to their hearts. At checkout, customers are prompted to select the charity or nonprofit that aligns with their mission from a diverse listing of organizations all over the world.

ATA Clothing donates 10% of the proceeds to the chosen cause. For an even bigger impact, customers can shop from the Gives collection, which donates 100% of the proceeds to the specified charity.

Check them out at ata-clothing.com!


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