Ahimsa Answers the Call for Help in India’s COVID Relief Efforts

For our client, Ahimsa, it’s personal. The devastating news of India’s suffering from COVID-19 is heartbreaking, especially for its founder whose Indian heritage makes this difficult to witness from afar. 

India needs us and pediatrician Dr. Manasa Mantravadi is taking action in the best way she knows how.

Her company, Ahimsa, is donating a portion of its sales to COVID relief funds in India and the doctor is also making a personal donation. 

It’s worth noting that Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word from India meaning “avoiding harm” and “universal love.” Guided by this underlying love in all that they do, its mission is simple: to always advocate for others and protect human health. 

Here is a statement from Dr. Mantravadi:

“Today I come to you with a very heavy heart as India is suffering. While we may feel like we are a world apart, we want to remind everyone that we are only one world and one people. No matter where you’re from, what’s happening in the largest democracy in the world is a humanitarian crisis. The COVID-19 cases in India have gone beyond what the hospitals and the healthcare system can handle and our fellow humans are without the care and resources needed to survive. Without ICU beds or even oxygen, many of our fellow citizens are dying in the streets outside of the hospitals. India needs us.”

The kids’ dinnerware brand is asking its customers and the public at large to consider joining them in donating. Here are a few recommended resources:

Please consider sharing this important message with your friends and family. As Dr. Mantravadi says we are indeed one world and one people.

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