TrueWomb® has redefined swaddling care as we know it by engineering the first and only two-stage swaddling system designed, the way Mother Nature intended. This JPMA award winning innovative technology sets out to address baby’s transition from womb to world in a way never seen or done before. Our concepts and designs are simple and easily understood and more important, very effective in solving problems that most newborns and infants experience. By replicating the basic functional design of the womb, baby now has the freedom to kick and stretch while active, but return to a blissful womb-like position while at rest. This revolutionary engineering also makes TrueWomb® the first swaddling care system capable of preventing startle reflex properly and by design, greatly reduces or even eliminating colic, all to help improve the health and development of newborns and infants as they grow. And this is where the magic happens, “the gift of sleep!”
TrueWomb,LLC is based in Austin, TX

website: www.truewomb.com

price: $39.99

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