5 Ways To Build Positive Client Relationships While Working Remotely

ChicExecs Co-Founder and Co-President, Kailynn Bowling, shares 5 ways to build positive client relationships while working remotely on Forbes blog. Enjoy this highlight from the piece.

Client relationships are the bread and butter of any B2B business. But in a world where your clients are an email away, it’s getting harder and harder to build client relationships in a remote environment.

You want long-term success, and you need your clients along for the ride. But if you handle all of your work remotely, you have to intentionally build positive relationships. If you’re struggling to build positive client relationships in the era of remote work, try these five tips.

1. Get to know your clients as people.

Sure, this is business, but it doesn’t mean your client interactions have to be all about work! Get to know your clients as people, asking questions.

2. Agree on a shared tech stack.

Misunderstandings can lead to a lot of frustration and negativity in client relationships. That’s why it’s a good idea to get on the same page with your clients, especially concerning how you’ll communicate and work with each other.

3. Squeeze in a little face time.

If you’re trying to build warm, positive relationships with your clients, make sure you show your face! Humans rely on facial expressions to socialize with each other (and science backs this up). Make sure you get a little face time with your clients.

4. Set clear, documented expectations.

Remember, misunderstandings and confusion can create tension in your client relationships. You want to minimize that as much as possible, so create clear, documented expectations with each client.

5. Keep records.

Nothing’s more frustrating than a “he said, she said” scenario with your clients. To foster positive relationships, it’s a good idea to keep records of every client relationship.

Read Kailynn’s entire blog here for even more savvy information.

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