2Plus2 featured on DOWNTOWN Magazine NYC

2plus2Congratulations to our Client 2Plus2 for their feature on DOWNTOWN Magazine NYC!

Sometimes when dieting, it’s hard not to feel like you’re starving all the time. But with the 2Plus2 weight loss program you can keep the pounds off while feeling full and healthy.

How do they manage this seemingly-impossible-amazing-futuristic feat? Their meal replacement shakes all have a high protein content to help consumers keep the weight off while feeling fine. It’s easy to follow plan includes TWO high protein shakes and TWO protein snacks a day (2 Plus 2!). And then for the third meal you have a choice of what healthy food you want to have, giving users the flexibility and choices that are usually lacking in other weight-loss programs.

The 2PLUS2 meal plan will result in a sustainable weight loss without the burden of counting calories and carbohydrates or drastically reducing portions. The meal plan is designed to make you feel full throughout the day because of the high protein content in the meal shakes. Furthermore, ongoing support from trained weight loss experts along side the 2PLUS2 meal plan has been clinically shown to lead to even better results. Check them out at 2plus2weightloss.com.


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