12 Ways Leaders Can Inspire Their Social Media Followers

ChicExecs VP of Public Relations and Digital Media, Kristen Wessel, explores how leaders can communicate more effectively with their social media followers to build a connection and become an inspiration to them on Forbes blog.

Leaders are unique individuals with the charisma and the ambition to encourage others to reach for their goals. Social media presents a novel approach for leaders to reach out to their followers. With the right words, phrases or speeches, leaders can help their followers grow, encourage them and build them up. On the other side of the coin, these same leaders can break their followers down, all with a well-placed criticism. What any leader aspires to, however, is truly inspiring their followers to be better.

She explains how leaders can post motivational quotes to inspire their social media followers.

“People want to be inspired! Find motivational quotes that appeal to the vast majority of followers. Make your feed inspiring by touching people with your wisdom or wisdom from other notable authors. This will keep people engaged and they will come to rely on your feed for positive reinforcement.”

Kristen participated as one of 12 experts from the Forbes Communications Council. This invitation-only organization is for senior-level communications and public relations executives.

Other shared expert tips include:

  • Be honest and vulnerable
  • Share your failures
  • Be relatable as possible
  • Share the “dark” stuff, aka your imperfections
  • Speak all of you and speak on behalf of yourself
  • Share your experience of working in your industry
  • Show your true self to your audience with “ask me anything” style content
  • Be bold to stand out and get noticed
  • Share event insights
  • Embrace and elevate your followers by responding to them
  • Use visual storytelling and videos

Read Kristen Wessel’s full Forbes blog on the 12 ways experts can inspire their social media followers.

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